Women In The Workforce 💼

Women In The Workforce 💼

On February 27th, the Gender Pay Gap report was published, including companies whose employee base is larger than 100 people. The results showed that Australia’s total remuneration average gender pay gap is 21.7%. 

For every $1 on average a man makes, women earn 78c. Over the course of a year, that difference adds up to $26,393. 

The calculation also shows that a median gender pay gap of 19% exists in Australia (1). 

Wait- I thought I opened a blog from Le Puree- not the newspaper?

Yes, you did - stick with us. 

The reason we’re talking about the Gender Pay Gap is because as women, delivering baby food to a majority of women (Hi gents!), we’re putting our foot down when it comes to women falling behind in the workforce.

We have watched on as women take maternity leave, and along with it a pay cut.

Adding brilliant diversity to the workplace, women on the brink of a promotion can experience a 55% decline in earning potential in the five years following having a baby (2)

Women take on the lion’s share of domestic and caring responsibilities, whilst this work is silent and unpaid. The unbalanced duties of childcare, domestic tasks and care for dependents is staggeringly skewed towards females (3).  Women are still being forced to make the decision to prioritise their partner’s career, as their earning potential has not been as affected by a large break in their career. 

This doesn’t seem fair to the women wanting to get back to a prosperous career, nor to their partners who’d love the parental break in order to spend it with their young children… Does it?

Employees and employers alike are all in this together- to create space for initiatives which patch up this pay gap. The solution has to lie in conversations and open-mindedness to foster an equal playing field. 

At Le Puree, we have an exciting opportunity to bring employers closer to their employees at a time when they are likely feeling the pinch most. If you are an employer or work for an employer who is working to create solutions for this problem, we’d love to talk with you. 👋🏼

In the meantime, look around at all the work you’re being asked to do- and ask yourself, is cooking dinner (again) something I really want to add to that list?

Get in touch at yourvillage@lepuree.com.


1. https://www.wgea.gov.au/pay-and-gender/gender-pay-gap-data
2. https://www.pmc.gov.au/resources/status-women-report-card-2023#_exfn47
3. https://www.deloitte.com/global/en/issues/work/content/women-at-work-global-outlook.html

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