Balancing Business and Babies with BubbaDesk 👩🏼‍💻

Balancing Business and Babies with BubbaDesk 👩🏼‍💻

Written by: Lauren Perrett, Founder of BubbaDesk


Meet Lauren Perrett, a mother of two, Charles (2.5 years) and Harvey (7 months), and the Founder of BubbaDesk. BubbaDesk is leading the way by seamlessly blending coworking with onsite daycare facilities. This innovative concept caters to professional parents like Lauren, providing a holistic environment for work/life balance. Each space includes a coworking area, child care and onsite gym. 

Currently operational across NSW, BubbaDesk is a leader in the coworking with childcare space, BubbaDesk is set for national expansion, aiming to extend its transformative services to a broader community of working parents.

How much time per week were you spending cooking for your first bub when starting solids?

I was so excited for my first child Charles' solid journey to begin, I had done the research, read the ‘Boob To Food’ book and I felt like I was really prepared.

I started prepping purees when Charles was four months – spending hours cooking and freezing batches of carrot, potato, and slow-cooked meat for when he was ready to start at 6 months. BubbaDesk hadn’t yet been conceptualised and it was the tail end of COVID, so I had the luxury of time on my hands first time round.

Did this change when you started using Le Puree with your second bub?

As a Founder of a scaling business, maternity leave wasn't entirely feasible for me with my second baby, Harvey. To begin with, I juggled what I could between naps, and once he was 4 months I started to use BubbaDesk a few times a week to ease back into things. 

Growing a business with a busy toddler and baby means I’m incredibly time poor, so I needed an easy solution for the transition to solids second time round. This is where Le Puree became a game-changer for me. I literally order, freeze, and serve within seconds. And Harvey gets the luxury of a really diverse range of foods, that I didn’t have to think about!

I pop into reusable pouches for on-the-go ease and for meals at BubbaDesk. It’s so easy and convenient, and wish I’d known about it first time round. Even without running a business, I still don’t imagine I would have had the energy to whip up the variety of options you get with Le Puree. 

Do you feel like you (as the mother) carry the mental load for what your kids eat?

I think mothers naturally carry the bulk of the mental load, immersing and educating ourselves in every facet of our children's lives. Whether that be their developmental milestones, their physiological and mental development of our children and also the transition into solids and then their nutrition as they step into toddler and beyond.

I think it’s important for our partners to step up and start sharing the often unseen aspects of parenting that comes from the research and huge amount of mental notes we as mothers are constantly adding too. At any given moment most of my mum friends would have about 50 mental tabs open in their brain! We know that fathers want the best for their children just as much as mothers do, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to relate to the constant to-do list and worry we carry for our families every day. 

I think Le Puree play a pivotal role, empowering both mothers and fathers to actively participate in providing nutritious meals, without the conversation of who’s going to do the research, purchasing of ingredients and cooking. 

How do you manage the “life admin” side of things, with BubbaDesk and 2 kids?

Juggling life admin with BubbaDesk and two children demands a lot of planning. I advocate for a clear work-family separation to alleviate guilt, so spending focused days at BubbaDesk and utilising a colour-coordinated calendar for task-oriented time management helps me a lot! I prioritise my time based on what will move the needle, and save the “fun stuff” for when I have gaps. As my second baby has gotten older, I have been able to step back into working more deeply on the business – predominately because I’m starting to be able to think straight again now we’ve surpassed the newborn sleep deprivation! 

I have the benefit of using BubbaDesk myself, so I will usually spend three solid days at BubbaDesk getting a lot of tasks done, with little breaks to cuddle and breastfeed throughout the day. Time is so fleeting, so I want to make the most of each day from both a business perspective and a parenting perspective. 

I'm an advocate for having help so that you can be the best possible parent, and you can be the best possible business owner – I think (and know!) it’s incredibly difficult to “do it all” and to do it all well, when you don’t have help. So aside from using BubbaDesk, I also have a cleaner once a week, and for me that is the best way to support my family. 

I also make life easier for myself, by adopting lots of 'mum hacks’ like prepping clothes, nappies, bags and lunches the night before. We also love a monthly planner on the fridge with schedule and meal plan for the week. 

What do you wish you’d known about returning to work & caring for your baby the first time round?

Reflecting on my experiences, something I encourage expecting parents to think about is having a plan A, B and C when it comes to their return to work. There are so many different variables that can impact your return – such as your mental and emotional wellbeing, your baby and their feeding and sleep journey, and logistical plans such as daycare. For me, and I think for many, my perspective changed so much after having a baby – priorities change! Lower those expectations; things won't be the same, each day may be different and that's okay. Some days may be a total disaster, but as long as you and your baby are happy, that should be the priority. 

One of the most important considerations when you return to work is child care. There's obviously a few different options; such as getting a nanny, using traditional daycare, family or using BubbaDesk if your prefer to remain close to your child in those early years.

And whatever option you choose, my top tip is to start using it a few weeks before returning to work. Practice the new routine, and give yourself a grace period before jumping back into paid work. Your baby (and you!) may take some time to settle into this new season. 

Returning to work after having a baby is a unique journey. If traditional daycare isn’t going to work for you, look at embracing other solutions like BubbaDesk, leveraging time-saving options like Le Puree, and implementing practical strategies for work-life balance. Mothers can navigate this transition successfully. It's about finding the right balance that works for your family and making choices that prioritise what you value most.

Keen to learn more about Bubbadesk, check out their website & socials!


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