Cinco De Mayo Bowls 💃

Cinco De Mayo Bowls 💃

¡Viva La Fiesta! Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Flavourful Fun 🤩

As Cinco De Mayo dances onto the calendar, it’s the perfect time to infuse your dinner table with the vibrant flavors and colors of Mexican cuisine. And what better way to celebrate than by crafting a delightful Mexican-themed bowl that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also introduces your little ones to a world of new and exciting culinary experiences?

Creating a cute and nutritious Mexican-inspired bowl for your little one is not only a fantastic way to serve up a balanced dinner but also an opportunity to spark their curiosity and appreciation for diverse flavours, textures, and colours. So, grab your sombrero and let’s dive into some of our favorite ingredients to add a fiesta flair to your kiddo’s plate!

First up, let’s talk about the base.

A hearty serving of rice or quinoa provides the perfect canvas for our culinary masterpiece.

Next, let's Talk About Toppings.

Pile on the protein 🥩 with tender grilled chicken or beef! Our favourite options...

OR if you prefer a Vegetarian 🌱 option...

Finally, Supporting Toppings.

🫑 Capsicum

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient crucial for supporting immune function, aiding in iron absorption, and fulfilling various other bodily functions. Additionally, these peppers boast a wealth of vitamins A, B6, and E, along with folate and fiber. 

🥑 Avocado

Avocado is abundant in dietary fiber and the beneficial fats essential for nurturing babies' digestion and fostering optimal brain growth and development.

🍅 Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, which is great for Immunity, but also amazing for pairing with iron rich ingredients to aid in absorption of Iron, a very important nutrient in the first 1000 days! 

Additional yummies... 

We love the addition of a dollop of Greek Yoghurt for dipping, Salsa (skip any with additives, additional sugar & high amounts of salt - you can even make an easy salsa at home!) or perhaps a Mexican mix of spices to add some additional flavour!


Some of our favourite options for bub...

  • NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

    NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

  • Organic Sweet Potato Rostis
    Organic Sweet Potato Rostis Organic Sweet Potato Rostis Organic Sweet Potato Rostis

    Organic Sweet Potato Rostis

  • The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
    The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
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    Did you know Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world?! Yep, it’s true, That’s why we’ve collaborated with our accredited doctor friends over at TasteBubs to create the perfect Allergen Introduction Bundle. Taking the fear, stress, and confusion out of introducing the top allergens to bub. This bundle includes our NEW Thai Prawn Puree (Contains Allergen: Shellfish Crustacean) & our NEW ‘Catch of the Day’ Sardine Puree (Contains Allergen: Fish) plus 2 of our best-selling blends!

    And the best part, the TasteBubs Allergen Starter Pack! An Australian-first, easy 4-week cycle program to introduce the most common food allergens to your baby. Reduce the risk of food allergies with easy, regular and early introduction. Find 28 sachets containing the seven most common food allergens:

    4x Almond Powder Sachets, 4x Cashew Powder Sachets, 4x Walnut Powder Sachets, 4x Peanut Powder Sachets, 4x Soy Powder Sachets, 4x Egg Powder Sachets

    Other Top Allergens to introduce early: Dairy (Butter, Milk, etc.) + Wheat (Bread, Flour, etc.) found in common pantry items.

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  • BLW Boob To Food Bundle
    BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle
    BLW Boob To Food Bundle
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    LIMITED EDITION. Get ready to be wowed by the upgraded Boob To Food Bundle! Curated by Luka, the visionary behind Boob to Food and author of Milk to Meals, this bundle is all about giving your little one the most exciting (and nutrient-dense) start to their food journey. No more bland and boring; we're all about introducing irresistibly flavorful foods and new exciting textures from day one. We aim to foster adventurous eaters and make sure each bite is filled with nutrients little ones need to grow and develop!

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