Exploring Salmon's Benefits for Babies

Exploring Salmon's Benefits for Babies

Written by: Jessica Kurosaki, Le Puree Dietitian

Benefits of Salmon For Your Bébé

Salmon is such an important food in our diets, for adults and babies alike. It is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fat in our diet, and although we are encouraged to eat 2 serves of fish per week- you’ll get adequate amounts of Omega-3 from just one serve of salmon! 

Omega-3 is a fat that we can’t generate on our own, so we rely on food to help us make it- and oily fish is one of the very best sources. An unsaturated fat which supports cell membrane development, hormonal control and blood flow in the body- to name a few key roles. Omega-3 has been found over and over again to support a lower risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and arthritis, likely a result of the natural anti-inflammatory effect Omega-3 has in the body when consumed in adequate amounts.

Where do we source our salmon?

We have chosen to feed our Le Puree babies Good Fish Salmon (and mackerel and sardines for that matter), because we believe these are the most healthful, sustainably caught salmon and the one leaving the smallest environmental footprint. 

Good Fish salmon is caught in Alaska, and very careful processes are used to determine if a fish can be caught or not. It’s then snap frozen (like our meals, to lock in the goodness!) and flown (Business Class, we’d imagine) to Spain- where it is hand-fillet and cooked using traditional Spanish methods and Spanish Olive Oil (yum!)

Alaskan wild-caught, pink salmon is chosen for its clean, freezing cold waters, which makes for the perfect home to foster a healthy and wholesome fish- just as nature intended. It is also the best way to maximise the Omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon itself, as it needs extra layers of warmth, and it gets this through building up fat deposits. When fish are caught in summer, their levels of fat are highest- so we reap the benefits. 

Good Fish also uses a hook and line to source wild fish. Old school methods of catching fish. This means they’re in their natural habitat and as un-tampered with as possible. Good Fish contains no chemicals in processing- which is great for adults and bubs alike, and the tins are BPA-free, which means there are no nasties leaching into our baby food. 

So, how often do we recommend salmon for babies?

1-2 serves of salmon per week is the recommendation, but the goodness just continues when they request it more than that! 

Our Salmon Cakes are the perfect finger food to reap those Omega-3 benefits. 

Using a can or jar of salmon as a finger food, or broken up into pasta can be a super simple protein to offer on regular rotation. The strong flavour is just another benefit to introducing this fish early and often! Using canned and jarred proteins means you can have the highest quality foods on offer, when you have the least amount of time! #mumlife. 

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    NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

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    The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
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    Other Top Allergens to introduce early: Dairy (Butter, Milk, etc.) + Wheat (Bread, Flour, etc.) found in common pantry items.

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