In Conversation with Le Puree's Mum, Erin Jeries

In Conversation with Le Puree's Mum, Erin Jeries

To honour Mother's Day this weekend, join us in conversation with our incredible multitasking Le Puree Mama, Erin 🫶

We ask her 12 special questions, where Erin shares her journey filled with passion, perseverance, and a dedication to fresh, wholesome food. 

Discover her invaluable lessons as both a mother and a business owner, and be inspired by her advice on pursuing dreams amidst the chaos of raising young children. 

Plus, learn her secrets to finding moments of relaxation and her plans for a heartwarming Mother’s Day celebration with family. 

We called upon Erin right as the 5 o’clock rush happened, so we joined her for dinner prep and quality time with her three little ones…

In Conversation with Le Puree's Mum, Erin Jeries. 

This looks delish! What are you guys having for dinner tonight?

It’s Tuesday. Oh I think I defrosted a lasagna. The age old question - what’s for dinner? I know it sounds cliche,  but it’s from Le Puree (of course) - I use Le Puree daily for my kids and for my husband and I! 

What’s your favourite le puree product?

At our house, we absolutely love the finger foods. These (lamb kafta’s) are actually my mother-in-law's recipe, but what I love about them is that you can just pop them in the oven, mix them with some veggies and dinner is done in 10 minutes. And with three kids, that’s what you need. 

Do they (your little ones) eat le puree?

These kids are born and bred le puree. Every meal usually incorporates one item from the Le Puree range, Leo (1 year) still eats Purees mixed with pasta & rice some nights, while the other two (2 years & 5 years) enjoy our Toddler meals & Finger Foods - sometimes I use the Purees as sauce on pasta or mix-ins with weetbix! 

What inspired you to start your own baby food brand and how has your journey as a mother influenced this decision?

I remember first starting solids and it being a very stressful experience but I've always been very passionate about food and fresh food, and I wanted to give my babies the best start. So that’s what inspired me to bring fresh food to families, but also to give them time back in their day! 

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt as a mum? 

Oftentimes we rely on social media and other people's advice, but I think everything we do comes very naturally and if you listen to your intuition and really understand your child, you'll always make the best decision. 

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt as a business owner? 

Similar to the lessons I’ve learnt as a Mother, you're only as strong as the people you surround yourself with. So always surround yourself with people that lift you up and empower you, and help you in your day to day because things will get tough, but if you persevere and have the right support, you’ll be able to do everything. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other mothers who aspire to pursue their dreams while raising young children?

It’s to understand that once you become a Mother, that’s not your only identity. It’s part of your life and your children will be on the journey and see how you really persevere. Starting a business, if you have passion in something you'll achieve great things and work around the chaos of your children.

How do you find moments to relax amidst the chaos of motherhood and entrepreneurship?

The best answer to that is it's very hard to find time but if you take the time and cherish the small things like a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning or even just 10 extra minutes in the car, it really goes a long way. And just to always remember to make time for yourself, because it only makes you a better business person and a better mother. 

How do you plan to spend this Mother’s Day weekend? 

Mother’s Day we typically spend as a family, my in-laws and my sister in law and the kids, we all get together and just spend time with the village because we need them! And get spoiled a little bit with flowers and good food.

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