Kitchen Sensory Exposure

Kitchen Sensory Exposure

Written by Jessica Kurosaki, Le Puree Dietitian

The kitchen is a world of sensory overload, where they eat, taste, smell and touch beautiful new experiences. We know, from many years of research, that exposing kids to a range of sensory experiences is what helps them become adventurous, curious and excited foodies in the future. So, while the mess may be daunting and off putting, consider what you may gain from leaning in to these sensory experiences right at your fingertips. 


Getting your little one involved in cutting things doesn’t have to be dangerous. These child- safe knives and cooking utensils can help them assert their independence over items (probably choose things which don't need to be cut in perfect shapes!)

We love these kiddy cutter knives as a starting point. 


Using a mixing bowl to get your little one mixing ingredients together can be a great way to let them get involved. Just note that any flours or dry goods might need a quick little stir first to avoid the mess!


Slicing is a more advanced skill than chopping, in that you’re asking bubs to cut a more specific shape. Using foods like avocado or bananas to slice with these kid-safe knives, can be a really challenging and rewarding task for the slightly older children.


Using a kid-safe peeler helps them to understand that peeling some vegetables can be part of the cooking process. Giving kids this independence means they’ll understand even more about how meals are prepared, and which foods have their skin peeled and which don’t. Remember that the skin of many fruits and veggies is where the best fibre sources are, so don’t feel tempted to peel everything all the time- if things can be washed / scrubbed instead- you can gain extra nutrients by leaving skin on. 


Eggs! This can be MESSY, but oh so fun for them!

Using your hand to guide over theirs may save the shells from falling in… but it may not. 

Tip- crack the eggs with them as the first step, so that if you need to fish out the shell from the bowl- it won’t ‘ruin’ the whole recipe.


If you’re able to measure out the ingredients that you need for a specific recipe, hand your child the cup / bowl which has the measured out ingredients and allow them to pour things in. Using a small tea towel, or doing things over a sink can prevent that all-out cleanup which awaits after!


This one can help you in the long run. Teaching kids if rubbish goes in the recycling, composting bin or regular rubbish bin- this can lead to a bigger conversation about where our food goes when we’re finished with it. Having them cleanup after their meals too, can be a great opportunity to teach this lesson. 


These sensory exposure tips can be fun, messy and adventurous for both you and your little ones. 

Have fun with it!

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    NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

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    The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
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