Let's Talk About Sardines 🐟

Let's Talk About Sardines 🐟

Written By: Jessica Kurosaki, Le Puree Dietitian

Could sardines replace the need for fish oil supplements? An article has explored this idea, and when you really consider the facts- sardines, and fish are the natural source of these incredible Omega-3 fats (specifically rich in PUFA, polyunsaturated fatty acids in the case of sardines). 


 It has been well documented that Omega-3 PUFA’s play a significant role in reducing the risks of long term heart-associated diseases. This ‘cardio-protective’ fat is best when consumed in the right amounts, unprocessed and regularly. 

So why can’t Australians get enough? Because fish, and sardines are tastes that have become quite challenging for some people to get used to. 

A problem such as this has given rise to the fish-oil supplementation industry- based on the fact that people don’t eat enough of what Mother Nature has given us, but rather can stomach the cost of expensive supplements which can offer a similar benefit. 

So, with the cost of living and mother nature in mind- the best gift we could offer our babies is exposure, variety and nutrient-dense wholefoods. Let’s save them from flushing money towards big pharmaceutical companies, when they could be eating food from the oceans instead. 

Sardines also contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron which together, protect from oxidative stressors of long term heart-related diseases. Something to protect all babies from, we think!

Where do we source our Sardines for bubs?

The Good Fish, their sardines are caught off the coasts of Spain and Portugal in small boats and small nets. They’re hand filleted with minimal processing. These sardines we’ve chosen are juicy, sweet and mild- not overpowering like some others. These sardines are such high quality because they’re fished in waters that are the correct temperature for sardines and their natural habitats are respected. Wild caught and sustainable, this makes them an easy choice for us to include in our Catch of the Day Sardine Puree

🚩 As a potential allergen, our Sardine Puree is included in our Allergen bundle, in an attempt to expose bubs to sardines (fish) early (and often). We highly recommend trialling this allergen with the puree offered, and if bub has no reaction, to continue on with sardines straight from the tin (bones removed or mashed all the way down to minimise choking hazard) as a finger food going forward. 



Some of our favourite options for bub...

  • NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

    NEW! Meat Bundle (6 pack)

  • Organic Sweet Potato Rostis
    Organic Sweet Potato Rostis Organic Sweet Potato Rostis Organic Sweet Potato Rostis

    Organic Sweet Potato Rostis

  • The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
    The Allergen Introduction Bundle (9 allergens included)
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    Did you know Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world?! Yep, it’s true, That’s why we’ve collaborated with our accredited doctor friends over at TasteBubs to create the perfect Allergen Introduction Bundle. Taking the fear, stress, and confusion out of introducing the top allergens to bub. This bundle includes our NEW Thai Prawn Puree (Contains Allergen: Shellfish Crustacean) & our NEW ‘Catch of the Day’ Sardine Puree (Contains Allergen: Fish) plus 2 of our best-selling blends!

    And the best part, the TasteBubs Allergen Starter Pack! An Australian-first, easy 4-week cycle program to introduce the most common food allergens to your baby. Reduce the risk of food allergies with easy, regular and early introduction. Find 28 sachets containing the seven most common food allergens:

    4x Almond Powder Sachets, 4x Cashew Powder Sachets, 4x Walnut Powder Sachets, 4x Peanut Powder Sachets, 4x Soy Powder Sachets, 4x Egg Powder Sachets

    Other Top Allergens to introduce early: Dairy (Butter, Milk, etc.) + Wheat (Bread, Flour, etc.) found in common pantry items.

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  • BLW Boob To Food Bundle
    BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle BLW Boob To Food Bundle
    BLW Boob To Food Bundle
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    LIMITED EDITION. Get ready to be wowed by the upgraded Boob To Food Bundle! Curated by Luka, the visionary behind Boob to Food and author of Milk to Meals, this bundle is all about giving your little one the most exciting (and nutrient-dense) start to their food journey. No more bland and boring; we're all about introducing irresistibly flavorful foods and new exciting textures from day one. We aim to foster adventurous eaters and make sure each bite is filled with nutrients little ones need to grow and develop!

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