The One On Family Traditions ✨

The One On Family Traditions ✨

It’s around this time of year that some of us get to pause, reflect on the year we’ve had and start to focus our energies on family, quality time and a bit of winding down. Today we’re taking a closer look at family traditions, and what impacts they have on kids.

Sitting around the table for festive meals 🎄

This one’s an easy one. Sitting together for meals over the holidays shows kids that eating is more than filling our bellies. Sharing stories, laughing and hearing family members tell us things about their day- that’s what kids will remember when they think about the “family holiday” they had in 2023. The focus can shift from the actual food, to the company and the quality time- which is all part of sharing meals!

Gift giving 🎁

Some families may do this while others don’t. Regardless, kids will see gifts around this time of year and ask their families about it in some way. Finding a way to include kids in the “gift giving” experience might mean they grasp a better understanding of how to thoughtfully create something for someone they love. This could be decorating a cardboard box with flowers picked from the garden- a perfect way to include them in the tradition of “giving”.

The ‘turkey trot’ 🦃

Does your family turkey trot? Do you all wake up and run/trot together before you sit down to a heavy meal?

This can teach kids that activity and movement go hand in hand with eating delicious foods, and can start that conversation around all aspects of energy.

Holiday fare 👩🏼‍🍳

Sharing meals, desserts and sweets during this time is what it’s all about! Get the kids involved in this cooking and meal preparation where you can. Cooking together or setting a beautiful table together can show them all about where the food comes from, and why families love to share it.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen 🍜

This time of year can be lonely for those without shelter or food. When kids are ready for these big conversations, it might be a nice tradition to go and help those who need a meal. Teaching kids the value of giving back during this time can really help to cement their sense of gratitude from such an early age- but obviously this lesson isn’t for the teeniest of tiny bubs just yet.

Happy festive season for all the variations of festivities coming your way, we hope it’s filled with happy memories and people you love!

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